Kelda Oxgutter (Deceased)

A proud Ulfen warrior, she intends to bring her cousin back to Kalsgard.


Kelda Oxgutter is the older cousin of Traftar. Kelda had sheltered her diminutive cousin when they were younger, allowing him the freedom to play in the snow while she fought his battles. Now Kelda was a longboat Captain and a well respected voice in the clan. Having met Ignatius Napalm in Riddleport, Kelda was persuaded to transport Ignatius to Brinewall Castle for his own ends.

Ignatius had shown her a map of Brinewall with a secret entrance, and she had hoped to use this entrance as a direct route to Brinewall’s treasury. Unfortunately for her, the entrance led instead to the lair of the most dangerous creature dwelling in the caverns below the castle. She was quickly captured and held captive along with Ignatius until the party happened across them both and rescued them.

Kelda wants to return to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and to bring Traftar with her. She has told the party that if they wish to accompany her back to her home in Kalsgard, she’ll see that they’re properly rewarded for their service to her.


Kelda Oxgutter (Deceased)

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