Tian knight with a blade of steel and a heart of gold.


Youxia has lots of armour and a sword and shield. His best friend is his horse cobolt, who also has lots of armour.

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He comes from a small province in Tian Xi, where his lord Lao Ren lives. ‘You’ was sent here sent to Ulfen lands to bolster diplomatic relations, where he has worked for some years as a wall guard and a body guard protecting travel between citadels in the frozen tundra. But recently he was dispatched back to Tian Xi with a sealed message from his Ulfen friends. You has a penchant for travelling, and as a cavalier he must defend honor all over the place.

  • Was on a secret mission to rescue his clan’s fortune from debt, to the Jade Regent.
  • Failed on the mission, loosing a fortune while crossing the Crown of the World.
  • Now seeks to return his clan to honour by supporting Ameiko Kaijitsu bid for the throne.


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