Warding Box

A red lacquered three tiered box of Minkai design. A black Tian dragon pattern covers the three compartments.


The Warding Box is a powerful magical container built to obscure and confound any attempt to locate objects kept inside. The box can hold one object no larger than 8 inches × 8 inches × 3 inches (or up to 25 pounds) in each of its three compartments at any one time.

The box’s lid and additional compartments are sealed, but the box can be opened or closed as a full-round action. While the lid is closed, the warding box and all objects inside it are protected from all divination spells. In this state, no divination spell save for those employed by the gods can detect the warding box or its contents.


When Lonjiku Kaijitsu opened the warding box that kept the Amatatsu Seal hidden so many years ago, a portion of the family’s ancient spirit—a kami—escaped from confinement. This kami serves as the guardian spirit of the Amatatsu Seal itself, but when Lonjiku’s father closed the warding box, the kami was prevented from returning to the seal. Cut off from the seal, the kami could not form a physical body of its own, and was helpless to do anything but watch as the oni overran Brinewall. The kami did what it could to influence events to prevent the oni from discovering the secret vault in Brinewall Castle wherein the Amatatsu Seal was hidden, and while its powers were limited, it was these influences that likely prevented the Five Storms from not only finding the seal, but from further pursuing the Kaijitsu family as well.

For the next 24 years, the kami waited hopefully for a member of the Amatatsu family to return to the region, but being separated from the object it was supposed to guard took its toll on the kami’s mind. When Amekio returned to the region the kami tried to communicate with Amekio by entering her bound. But the chaotic imagery overwhelmed her own spiritual force sending her into a coma.

By reopening the warding box the hero’s released the Kami back to the Amatatsu Seal, causing Amekio to awaken from her coma. And providing the hero’s with a series of visions, of the past and the future.

Warding Box

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