Suishen, Guardian of the Amatatsu

This +2 flaming katana was found at the bottom of a well in Ravenscrag

weapon (melee)

+2 Katana (One Handed Eastern Melee Weapon, can be used as a standard two-handed melee weapon).
+1 Flaming and Flaming Burst.

One Handed Eastern Melee Weapons Dmg Critical Weight Type Special
Katana 1d8 18–20/×2 6 lbs. P or S Deadly

Suishen has a strong evocation Aura that hints at a myriad of other magical abilities

• Resist energy (cold) 3/day
• Suishen gains the flaming burst ability.


This is Suishen, the ancestral sword of the Amatatsu family, and the reason the PCs came to Kalsgard. When Kimandatsu ordered Asvig Longthews to steal the sword from Fynn Snaevald in order to prevent the Amatatsu heir from reclaiming it, the ogre mage was disappointed to discover that she could not wield the blade because of her alignment conflict and the sword’s powerful ego. Unable to find a way to destroy Suishen, Kimandatsu instead tossed it into this well, assuming that the sword would eventually rust away at the bottom of the cistern, far removed from the eyes of those who would seek it. Instead, Suishen became lodged in the well shaft, waiting to be discovered by those with the birthright to wield it.

Suishen, Guardian of the Amatatsu

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